Update on Macro Production

Hi Everyone, So I’ve come to the conclusion that doing a waitlist and pre-orders simply isn’t feasible for me for a multitude …


New Visitor Info

Hi Everyone, It looks like I’m getting a lot of traffic from Kotaku today! Thanks so much for the comments and messages. …

This one is my favorite!

Macros Shipping!

Macros are finally starting to finish up and begin shipping, here are few quick shots!  


Spray booth and some colors!

I feel like I finally have all of the painting issues resolved. I ended up building a spraybooth. So this has primarily …

Cobalt blue

Cobalt Blue!

Finally getting ready to prime and paint the current run. I picked out the Cobalt Blue a few days ago, here’s a …

Speaker Holes

I’m finally nearing the end of the case forming portion of the current orders. It’s taken longer than expected due to some …

Waitlist notification!

Hey Guys, I added a mailing list option, so if you go to the waitlist page now you should see an option …