General Questions

What is the Macro?

The Macro is simply a DS modded to run without a top screen. Paired with a nice looking body it becomes a pretty awesome Game Boy Advance!

How do I buy one?

I make the Macros as I have the time, so it’s fairly sporadic. I regularly send emails with notifications of when I will have units for sale, I unfortunately do not do pre-sales though. Please subscribe to the mailing list, keep an eye on this site, or follow me on facebook so you can stay up to date!

How much do they cost?

Pricing is as follows:

  • Standard Macro: $160
  • Standard Macro with a MicroUSB Port: $175
  • Macro XL: $130

Can I buy a shell separately?

No, I do not sell shells separately. The majority of the work for a Macro is in the shell, so the pricing for a shell would be nearly the price of a complete unit.

Is there a warranty?

My warranty is essentially: “Email me if you have an issue and I’ll fix it.” As long as you didn’t crack open your Macro to fix it yourself I’ll take care of any repairs.

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries please email me at gameboymacro@gmail.com

Technical Questions

Why is there a black border on the screen?

That’s just how the DS plays GBA games. It draws a black border to maintain the same aspect ratio/resolution of a Game Boy Advance. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Regardless, I still far prefer the Macro to an SP or any other iteration of the GBA. The form factor and battery life are incredible.

How long does the battery last?

Easily 10 hours on the brightest setting. This will vary based on the life of your battery

How much larger is it than other GBA systems?

See for yourself:

Where do you ship from?

Raleigh North Carolina, USA