Pricing and Ordering

Orders are currently closed. Stay tuned for updates and an eta for the next round of orders! 

I am working on moving orders to an actual webshop where I can also sell the other stuff I make.


I was NOT expecting this type of response. I decided to set up this site to manage the orders/interest. Hopefully it doesn’t get hugged to death like my other one. Here’s the deal. I’m not comfortable just setting up an Etsy and taking all of that money up front, I’d much rather set up a wait-list system and ship the DS’ as they’re finished, then progress through the list. I’ve spent a lot of time considering the costs and time associated with making the Macro, and feel I have priced it appropriately.

I can make these with both DS Lites and DS Fats, so that is your choice, read below for more info.


$130 if I provide all materials.

$110 if the buyer provides a DS to work with.


$5 to anywhere in the US

International shipping to most countries is roughly $25


Standard Colors include: Red (Similar to Famicom), White, Gray, and Black

Custom colors are an extra $10, per color. So if you want a purple top and green bottom that would be $20 more.

If you want to mix and match that is fine, say a black top and red bottom, not extra cost there.

What’s included:

Each Game Boy Macro will be shipped with a USB charger and a protective carrying case.


I do not like the idea of charging up front, so once I am ready to work on your order I will email you to check if you are still interested, if so I will require a $30 deposit to begin work and to hold your spot.


I will email people as I get to them, you will have 48 hours to reply, if you don’t I will assume you are no longer interested and move on to the next person.

Please understand that given the ridiculous amount of interest I’ve gotten, if you are further down on the list you will be waiting a few months. I see no reason I won’t be able to get 30-50 of these out each month though!


Extra Options:

DS Lite:

  • Micro USB port charging – $15
  • Remove DS cart slot for stereo sound – Free

DS Fat:

  • If supported I will update the firmware to allow for brighter screens.

Turnaround Time:

There are a ton of people requesting these and I have a day job. I’ll do my best to get these out in a timely manner, there’s also the matter of sourcing broken DS’, which is a severely limiting factor. Once I have all parts ready I’ll be able to give you a timeframe for your order.


Orders are currently closed.

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