DS Lite Motherboard Modification Service


Send your DS in to have the motherboard modified!

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Note: If you would like an LED diffuser you can purchase one linked to this listing.


If you are uncomfortable with the electronics modification portion of the Macro build then you can use this service to get the electrical modification done! You can either send in a DS Lite or if I have stock, purchase one from me. If the option to purchase one is here, then it will show up.

If sending in: There are no requirements for your DS functionality, please use your best judgement. DO NOT send me a DS lite that completely fails to show ANY signs of life. Use your best judgement. If I can’t fix it, then I won’t. But I will email you with options. You will only receive a partial refund of $30 given that I have to take time to work on these.

If you have minor problems with it that you would like to resolve then that is not an issue, please reference below for your options:

Motherboard Options

  • Replacement Lower Screen: $7. If your bottom LCD is broken and you would like a replacement. This includes the digitizer.
  • Replacement Lower Screen Digitizer: $3. If your LCD is working, but the glass is cracked
  • Replacement DS Cartridge Slot: $10. If your board does not DS games
  • Repair Shoulder Buttons: $2.50 per shoulder
  • Repair charge port: $5
  • Replacement (non-oem) Battery: $7
  • Upgrade to MicroUSB Charging: $15 – This will allow you to charge your Macro using a standard Micro USB cable.
  • Speakers: There is no pricing difference on the number of speakers. Stereo or Mono, or none.
  • Note: There is a chance I cannot fix the board. If you have portions that need repair and I cannot repair then I will contact you about me supplying a replacement motherboard.

When you place your order you will receive instructions on where to ship your DS. Please ship it as quickly as possible to ensure you receive your Macro quickly!

Additional information


Mono, Stereo, None

I understand I must send in a DS

YES – I read below and understand the requirements and risk.

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