Full DS Lite to Macro Conversion!

Send your DS Lite in to be converted into a Macro!

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Your DS Lite can be customized based on my current shells on hand. The current stock of available parts is actively managed. If you have a DS Lite you would like to turn into a Macro then please read all of the requirements below before purchasing.

The way this works is: Choose your configuration>Mail your DS>Receive a Macro!

Based on the condition of your DS Lite you will receive a partial refund after the Macro is completed and shipped back. It does not need to be perfect. Most issues can be resolved by me, but please be aware that you will NOT receive the full value if there are problems that need to be addressed.

For images of the available colors please see the FAQ here: http://gameboymacro.com/faq/color-options/

  • Full value of traded in DS is $20
  • The lower screen must not be cracked or LCD damaged. (-$5 from the value if damaged)
  • Condition of the hinge does not matter
  • Top screen condition does not matter
  • The DS must turn on or at least screens flicker when attempting to turn on (-$7 if it does not turn on at all)
  • The DS must charge successfully (-$5 if it does not charge)
  • Condition of the housing/shell does not matter. If your shell is in pristine condition then you may receive an extra $5 in value
  • Shoulder buttons should work. (-$1.50 per broken shoulder button)
  • It should read both DS and GBA games (unless you’re buying a stereo unit, then it just needs to read GBA games).  -$5 if it doesn’t read games. If game read issues can not be resolved then it may mean -$7 as I will need a new board entirely.
  • The DS should come with a battery (and hold a charge). If you need a new battery then it will result in -$5
  • Note: I realize the individual pieces here add up to more than $20. But unfortunately the labor involved in fixing the various issues makes it more cost effective to simply buy a new DS rather than fix every issue.

If your traded in DS does have issues (scratched screen, whatever), that you are aware of and DO NOT want fixed, please put a note in the package.

If your DS does not meet any requirements for a partial refund, then it will be shipped back to you with your completed Macro. You will NOT receive a partial refund in this scenario.

When you place your order you will receive instructions on where to ship your DS. Please ship it as quickly as possible to ensure you receive your Macro quickly!

Additional information

Top Half

Gloss Red, Gloss Gold, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss White, Matte White, Gloss Silver, Gloss Blue

Bottom Half

Gloss Red, Gloss Gold, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss White, Matte White, Gloss Silver, Gloss Blue

Speaker Type

Mono, Stereo (+$15) – No DS Slot

Charging Port

Original DS Charging, Micro USB Port (+$15)

I understand I must send in a DS

YES – I read below and understand the requirements and risk.

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