Sorry about the lack of updates for the past few days. I’ve been having issues with paint that I’ve been sorting out. It turns out the compatibility of the clear coat wasn’t correct.

After this run totally cures (48ish hours), I’ll have units assembled and be offering them to the first X people in line. Then I’ll start the next run (~50).

Colors will have to be the stock colors I have for now. Custom colors I will get to, but they have to wait until I have a few runs under my belt. Which I’ll outline in my emails to everyone when I offer these completed units.

I’ll be sending the units in waves. Basically, I’ll have a wave of X units complete and I’ll email that number of people on the list. You’ll have two days to purchase, I’ll check the stock and then send an email offering them to the next wave on the list.

Realistically I probably won’t be able to adhere to everyone’s super specific requests/themes yet. So I’ll be making a reasonable split of what I think people will want, and offering those up. This will be outlined in the emails I send out.

Stock colors will officially be: Red, Blue, White, Black, Grey, and Gold. Right now I am missing the Blue, Gold, and Grey. The grey was a screw up by the paint shop. I’m going to sort that out this weekend. After this first run sells I’ll be buying Gold and Blue. The Gold is primarily for Famicom style units.


Colored buttons: Colored buttons aren’t going to be available yet. It might be something I can do in the future, and if I do, you’ll be able to buy them off of my site so you can put them in your Macro.

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