Extra-Life 2020 Stream and Raffle!

Hi Everyone!

Long time no talk! As with previous years I am again doing an Extra-Life stream this year, and with that comes an Extra-Life Macro Raffle.

Unfortunately last year’s stream was fraught with issues as Extra-Life was DDOSed by jerks. Because of that we were unable to hit the goal of $4,000 (though we got very close!). Hopefully this year will be smoother :D.

The raffle this year is a bit different. Due to COVID, me moving, and just a lot of personal things going on I am initially raffling one Macro, where you choose the color (based on availability). If we hit the goal of $2500 I’ll add a second Macro. All details are on the Extra-Life page, but lets go into it here too!

If we hit $4000 then I’ll also raffle off a Switch!

How to Enter

My stream will be running starting at 9am EST on November 7th. Please wait until the actual stream to donate, as I really helps boost morale during the stream itself!

Every $5 donation to the Extra-Life campaign counts as one entry into the raffle. Once you donate please either email me the copy of your donation (gameboymacro@gmail.com). Or message me a screenshot on the Facebook page.

If you don’t message me I will still try to contact the winner using the Extra-Life “Thank You” feature.

Colors Available

Rather than pre-built units, I have a few finished shells that you will be able to choose from, then I will build the unit and ship it out! You are perfectly welcome to mix and match the colors if you’d like. The first winner will get to choose their color, then once they choose I will reach out to the second winner (if a second is raffled).

Feel free to send me any questions using the contact form on this site, emailing me at gameboymacro@gmail.com, or contacting me on the Facebook page!

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