I’m bad at updating this site

If you’ve come to this site and are wondering “does this guy still build these dumb things?” Then the answer is yes…kind of. My time is fairly limited, so I build them as I can. I also build them at the lowest pricepoint I can, so much so that I really in the end lose money on these things, but I don’t really agree with the idea of charging $300+ for something like this. I like building things, and the hobbyist community, so I’d like to make these available to everyone I can.

My prices are generally $160 for the standard DS Lite unit, $175 for stereo sound, and $130 for the XL version. I put probably 10 hours into each one when you take the case work into account.

For the most up to date info please check out the Facebook page, as that’s where I am the most active

But hey, I’ll have 5 units up tomorrow at 1pm EST. :]. Check out the shop then.

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