Ordering Update

Hey guys. Emails have started going out to people. They will send you to a link where you can place a deposit for your specific macro. I can’t guarantee colored buttons, but I do have a few so they will be an option. They’re first come first serve though, so your macro may end up with black buttons. Only deposit if you’re OK with that.


I’m not doing custom colors right now. I’ll put you on a separate list for those then circle back around to you, or you can buy one of the colors I have as an option.

You will get three notices to put your deposit in. Then I will stop contacting you and expand into the next wave if necessary. Once the list fills up I will begin this batch and update the blog and Facebook accordingly.

You can change your color choice at any point up until I start painting. Configuration (button holes, stereo, etc) is set in stone and cannot be changed. I will email everyone a few days before starting the painting.

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