Shop updates!

Spoiler: the featured image is some Macros coming soon.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made some pretty huge changes to the store today that I wanted to fill everyone in on. I have now moved everything to be solely contained on this site. This means you will no longer to go to make purchases, it will all run through (and Paypal). At some point I will use NatMods for my other stuff, but not right now :P.

I’ve added a few things to the site:

I wanted to expand the services offered, while still being reasonable about the amount of time I’m able to spend doing this stuff. The motherboard services are what they sound like, choose some options, send your DS in, get the DS back with the electronics portion finished. After that, you just have to mod a shell.

The conversion service is a full conversion from DS to macro. This will only be available when I have extra shells, and no boards to work on. Right now this is out of stock, but I wanted to get it posted up so people can see the options. I will make announcements when shells make it into inventory

The LED diffuser has raised a ton of questions from people, so I might as well sell them! Just drill a small hole (.180″) and slot the diffuser in, then you have an LED!

Eventually I may start selling the shells on their own, but right now I am keeping them for full builds. Making the shells is such a delicate process I currently do not want to risk someone accidentally breaking one in the build, as I put many hours into each shell.

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