Test Run Painted!

Small color update. The Red I chose to mimic the Famicom Red turned out pretty much perfectly, I’m super happy with it.

I’m also happy with the white.

The gray I chose to mimic Game Boy Gray may have been mixed wrong, after painting it just looks like plain white. It is possible that the color could change as it dries, so I’ll have to see that in the morning. I find it pretty unlikely and think the paint shop just gave me the wrong color.

I haven’t had an opportunity to paint black. Once this test run is totally done and perfect I’ll be offering them to the first few orders if they’re interested in them. Then I’ll finally be able to start working on all of the orders. I have a pretty solid plan down for making the cases, so I think everything should go smoothly. Again, I appreciate everyone’s patience.

These pictures are just the first coat, so they aren’t perfect. I still need to sand and do a second coat. They’re mainly here to show the colors.

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