Update on Macro Production

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve come to the conclusion that doing a waitlist and pre-orders simply isn’t feasible for me for a multitude of reasons. Primarily it is a time issue.

In January I moved for a new job, the job has brought a lot more responsibility and in turn, less free time. This causes an issue with the preorder list because of the intricate customization a lot of people are looking for. I have also seen a ton of people simply not complete the purchase of their Macro. This is kind of an issue for me since I’ll be holding onto someone’s Macro for months, while I know everyone has good intentions it just isn’t something I would like to do.

Because of these things I am going to switch to a “first come first serve” basis. Instead of taking orders I will be making Macros and just posting them up periodically for purchase. I’ll do different color schemes, styles, and features. So there will be a different range of prices of the ones I make.

Right now I have four Macros whose purchases were never completed. I will be posting these up tonight. I’ll link it on Facebook, my blog, and send an email to everyone on the waitlist (as well as this same post explaining the retirement of preorders). The purchase will be PayPal only. And I ship anywhere in the world. International shipping is ~$30 since I use flatrate international boxes.

Purchase is made through a small site I’ve set up for random mods and stuff that I sell. It uses a paypal gateway for purchase, so at no point do I personally capture any of your financial info.

I will have more Macros very very soon. On Memorial Day weekend I’m going back up to Maryland to get my remaining items (arcade cabinets, shop tools, etc). Among those are ~50 completed Macro shells! So mid June everyone should expect macros to be available 😀

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