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Don’t worry, Macros are still being made. Scheduling issues have sort of put a pause on my production at the moment but …

Three Macros Available now!

Hey Everyone, Head over to the shop, you’ll find three Macros there!

Six Macros going up tonight (1/29)!

Six macros will be available on the site tonight at 9pm EST, at the following link: Thanks for your support!

Shop updates!

Spoiler: the featured image is some Macros coming soon. Hi Everyone, I’ve made some pretty huge changes to the store today that …

New Macros Up Tomorrow Night

At least four Macros will be going up tomorrow night! I’ll try to put a few more together before then. One stereo …

Update on Macro Production

Hi Everyone, So I’ve come to the conclusion that doing a waitlist and pre-orders simply isn’t feasible for me for a multitude …

New Visitor Info

Hi Everyone, It looks like I’m getting a lot of traffic from Kotaku today! Thanks so much for the comments and messages. …

Macros Shipping!

Macros are finally starting to finish up and begin shipping, here are few quick shots!  

Spray booth and some colors!

I feel like I finally have all of the painting issues resolved. I ended up building a spraybooth. So this has primarily …